Are you interested in the charm of the baton or the appeal of the pulpit?
Do you desire to learn from Hungary’s leading and outstanding musicians
the tricks of the conducting profession?
Do you want to deepen your musical knowledge further?

The Symphonia Hungarica’s College of Conductors will start its operation in 2021 and announce its very first semester within the framework provided by the Carpathian Basin Talent Care Ltd. (from now on: ‘KMTG’). It is intended to give already graduated, young conductors and musical colleagues the first professional impulse. Hopefully, this professional impulse will help any ‘Young Maestro’ in the time between getting out of school and starting an actual career as a conductor. 

The official language of the lectures of the first semester is Hungarian. 

The training consists of two elements: on the one hand, it includes a professional (conductor) consultation with the leader of the program, Zsolt Hamar and invited guest conductors (János Kovács, István Dénes, Gergely Kesselyák, Imre Kollár) and on the other hand, it provides exciting off-programs and workshops to present additional points of reference and knowledge to the participants throughout the lectures. Off-programs include musical performances (Analysis and Interpretation – András Keller, Music and Notation – György Vashegyi, Rehearsal, and Instrumentation – Ágnes Soltész, concertmaster of the Hungarian State Opera House).

There are also other exciting topics, such as Intendant and conductor (Zsolt Horváth – Pannon Philharmonic, Dániel Somogyi Tóth – Kodály Philharmonic Debrecen), Impression and conductor (Tamás Körner – Classical Concert Office), Press and conductor (Gerda Seres –, Marketing and Conductor (Judit Papp – Budapest University of Economics), Rights and Obligations (Dr. László Gyimesi – Trade Union of Hungarian Musicians and Dance Artists, Music Performing Arts Office).

A unique program of the training is the conductor course of Professor Péter Erdei for conductors, in which the Kodály Choir of Debrecen will be of help to the students.

During the semester, the Young Maestros will have the opportunity to be present at rehearsals as a guest of a foreign orchestral production by conductor Zsolt Hamar, receiving an intensive consultation opportunity and thus gaining insight into the practice of conducting.

The semester – which lasts from September to mid-December 2021 – ends with a one-week, intensive orchestral course, at the end of which the Young Maestros can perform with the Szombathely Savaria Symphony Orchestra in front of leading figures of Hungarian music life.

Another essential element of the training is that the Symphonia Hungarica Conductor’s College provides wide publicity to the Young Maestros in both social media and professional relations. (Active website, own YouTube channel, and constantly updated Facebook account giving an insight into the progress of our admitted Young Maestros and personalized LinkedIn page for every participant).

Lectures are held twice a week by prior arrangement. Attendance at lectures is a condition of participation in the program.

Symphonia Hungarica will take overall study costs incurred by the Young Maestro during the program and issue a certificate at the end of the semester.

Young Maestros who have reached the age of 18 participating in the program will be selected for admission, which will occur on the 2nd of September, 2021

Entrance exam program:

Arnold Schönberg: Verklärte Nacht – first 200 beats (original version for string sextet)

Depending on the quality of the performance in the entrance exam, up to 10 Young Maestros may be admitted to their training. The condition for participation in the tender is that the applicant completes a declaration that he/she acknowledges the terms and conditions of the contract and agrees to the data processing. (The statement can be downloaded from the following link: Declaration.pdf)

Application deadline:

Apply by the 30th of August, 2021, at Please submit a short professional biography and diploma (Bachelor and/or MA) with your application, and please send the completed application form in a signed, scanned document. A non-exclusive condition for participation in the program is a degree in conducting. We welcome all young musician colleagues who are interested in conducting and are admitted by the entrance exam.

The entrance examination performance is evaluated by the committee requested by KMTG, based on which Zsolt Hamar, the professional manager, makes the admission decision.

Deadline for assessment: the 6th of September, 2021. 

The KMTG is not obliged to give reasons for its decisions during pre-selection and professional evaluation. Without further action by the KMTG, the application will be invalid if:

  • does not meet the tender conditions;
  • the attached documentation is incomplete at the end of the application deadline;
  • the application is submitted after the deadline.

If the submitted documentation is incomplete, it is possible to fill in the gaps before the application deadline! The rectification shall be deemed to have been completed if the missing or previously incomplete documents are received by the KMTG in full and duly completed no later than the last day of the application deadline. To facilitate the submission of valid applications, KMTG will endeavor to send written notice of the need to rectify the deficiencies to the applicants concerned; however, if the application is incomplete and has not been notified by KMTG, the applicant is not entitled to object to KMTG.

KMTG reserves the right to award the advertised places based on appropriate quality applications, in which case KMTG states that it is not obliged to fill all the positions specified in this application. KMTG is also entitled to withdraw from the contract with the successful tenderers without giving reasons.

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