Our mission

“The art of performance is not only knowledge, but the knowledge of how to show knowledge.”
Béla Bartók

An orchestra is like society itself. Without law, it becomes anarchic; with rules too strict, it becomes a dictatorship. Music – due to its nature – won’t feel comfortable in anarchy or tyranny. In the first case, it will lose its intellect; in the second case,  its emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to know where the boundaries, where the framework is to be found where the music and its high-quality performance is able to give an intellectual and an emotional experience at the same time. This is only possible when the orchestra, just as every citizen within society – the conductor included – knows its place and its duties.

With its innovative methods and a complex vision, Symphonia Hungarica wants to lend a helping hand in formulating and articulating these healthy frameworks. The College of Conductors strives to provide young conductors with experiential knowledge that will enable them to successfully build a large-scale career as a conductor and to develop a fruitful collaboration between the current orchestra and its conductor.

Another vital element and goal of Symphonia Hungarica’s operation is to see and show the future of Hungarian orchestral culture in a broader context and establish it due to a kind of historical-geographical-cultural connection, thinking on a scale in the Carpathian Basin.