1. When is the application deadline?
    The current application deadline: August 30, 2021

  2. What requirements do I need to fulfill in order to apply?
    University degree in music – not just in conducting! –  and full application is a prerequisite. Candidates must then perform a selected piece to a  professional committee. More information about the recording can be found by clicking here.

  3. When is the entry exam?
    The entry exam for the 2021 semester: September 2, 2021.

  4. How long does the semester last?
    The 2021 semester begins in September and lasts until the middle of December 2021. It will end in a final concert.

  5. How many applicants will be admitted?
    After the entry exam, 10 Young Maestros will be admitted to the program.

  6. How often will there be sessions/programs/workshops?
    There will be seminars two times a week, the time of these will be discussed and announced before. The semester will end in a one-week intensive course with orchestra and a five-day choir leader course.

  7. Is it a problem if I can’t participate in every seminar?
    No, but without attending lectures, participating in the program doesn’t make much sense.

  8. How much does the program cost?
    After a successful entry exam the program is entirely free for the admitted Young Maestros.

  9. Is it allowed to accept invitations during the program?
    Of course, training is specifically designed to get the Young Maestro as many requests as possible.

  10. Who will be our teachers?
    Click here to view our current faculty. (Soon.)