Who we are?

The Symphonia Hungarica was established to promote the brightening of the Hungarian music culture, including the Hungarian orchestral culture. With its novel, especially compact approach, it intends to make proposals for the operation and development of the entire Hungarian orchestral culture and participate in their implementation.

An essential element and goal of its operation is to see and show the future of the Hungarian orchestral culture in a broader context. As a result, thinking about it on a wider scale in the Carpathian Basin, as a representation of the Hungarian historical, geographical and cultural connection.

Its career is beginning in September 2021 with a conductor training program, the College of Conductors, which, with its complex vision, seeks to impart experiential knowledge to young conductors that can be used to build a large-scale conducting career successfully.

Another vital element of the training is that the College of Conductors of the Symphonia Hungarica provides wide publicity to the Young Maestros in both social media and professional relations. (Active website, own YouTube channel, constantly updated Facebook account, personalized – understand each Young Maestro individually – LinkedIn page)

Zsolt Hamar, Liszt Prize-winning conductor, Honorable Artist, is the creative inventor of the Symphonia Hungarica, the developer of its professional concept and structure, and the professional and artistic director of the program.

The Collegium Symphonicum Hungaricum started its activities with the work of the College of Conductors, supported by the National Cultural Fund, under the organizational protection of the Carpathian Basin Talent Research Nonprofit Public Benefit Society.